Control Room Solutions

Any content, anywhere, any time

Regardless of where your information may be located, Futurebox networked control room solutions give you access to your information. Our advanced system offers flexibility and scalability, allowing a multitude of input sources to be efficiently distributed over many displays ensuring you have a holistic view of any situation. Users can quickly and easily interface with a wide variety of information sources, and simultaneously view, listen to and interact with the data. No matter what size or shape of display you’re considering, we have a solution for your application. We offer a full range of high-performance, low-maintenance video wall display solutions that offer rock-solid reliability, including LCD panels and LED tiles. They can be seamlessly integrated with our powerful image processors and video wall controllers for advanced monitoring capabilities and complete control.

LED video walls

The Futurebox lineup of indoor LED tiles provides unmatched choice, versatility, and flexibility when it comes to specifying high-performance video walls.Our professional-grade LED video walls are perfect for indoor applications like control rooms, hospitality, retail, entertainment, or corporate. Choose from award-winning premium options for critical viewing or budget-friendly high-performance options to engage and entertain customers with spectacular viewing experiences.


LCD video walls

The Futurebox lineup of LCD panels offer a flexible platform for a variety of 24/7 indoor video wall applications. Available in ultra-narrow and extreme-narrow bezel widths, our range of high-performance LCD products are perfect for control rooms, meeting rooms, educational facilities, retail spaces and more. A number of models are available with optional remote power via external AC-DC hot swappable supply modules. Built-in SNMP monitoring ensures that display status information is available – perfect for mission-critical installations. 

LCD monitors

Whether you need stunning commercial LCD displays for secure displays in your control room, we have you covered. Large-format LCD panel displays offer the perfect standalone solution when you want to make a big impact in any setting. We make it easy for you to integrate a high-performance LCD display solutions into your control rooms, with a range of price points and sizes up to 98”. Offering performance features such as OPS slot, 10-bit processing, 4K UHD resolution, a variety of connections, and available touch-interactivity.


Video wall controllers

With the right video wall controller, you can easily manage and control the content and information you need on your video wall display. And whether it’s an LCD or LED video wall, we offer a full range of image and video wall processors and SDVoE technology to fit your application. With Christie Hedra™, you get a secure, all-in-one video wall processor for real-time access to your data that you can control from virtually anywhere when you need to seamlessly collaborate and share critical information. So, whether you’re managing mission-critical operations or monitoring broadcast feeds, with Hedra you can display, arrange, and operate multiple sources so your team can make quick, informed decisions.

Switchers and AV distribution

Solutions beyond matrix switching for AV-over-IP system architectures.  

Based on off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet components, the Terra solution allows for the design of simple, flexible and highly-scalable system architectures that deliver great performance and user experience at a drastically lower total cost of ownership. With an expanding line-up of transmitters, receivers, processing and control hardware and software, Christie Terra solutions include everything required to design and integrate complete Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) systems for applications that demand the ultimate performance and quality.

Furniture and ergonomic solutions

Futurebox provides technical solutions for control rooms, focused on the manufacturing and exporting of high-added-value technical furniture and ergonomic solutions for non-stop operation environments. We have a wide range of products that enhance the management and organization of the 24×7 operations environments and their annexed spaces, using at any time the suitable product for the user’s needs. Operations and supervisor consoles, meeting tables, archive furniture, printing cabinets, auxiliary technical furniture, specific 24×7 chairs & ergonomic supports.