Stadium Solutions

Futurebox specializes in providing solutions for sports stadiums. Our offerings include premium seating from top European manufacturers, state-of-the-art sound systems, arena lighting systems compliant with global standards, scoreboards, giant LED screens, perimeter LED advertising boards, high-end press room equipment, digital signage systems, and comprehensive projection mapping solutions. Elevate the spectator experience and meet international standards with Futurebox’s diverse range of solutions for sports venues.


LED Screens

Futurebox specializes in providing turnkey solutions for LED displays tailored specifically for sports stadiums. Our expertise ensures meticulous planning, precise procurement, and professional installation of giant LED screens, perfectly suited to the dynamic environment of sports arenas. From design to execution, we deliver customized solutions to enhance the visual experience within sporting venues.


Lighting systems

Are you seeking a transformative shift in sports lighting? At Futurebox, we’re committed to bringing this vision to life. Our expertise extends across the spectrum, catering to both professional and recreational sports, whether nestled indoors or thriving outdoors. Each project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to crafting and implementing the most optimal lighting solutions tailored specifically for your sports endeavours. Join us in revolutionizing the way sports are illuminated. Futurebox is not just about lighting; it’s about redefining the game.


Arena PA systems

Our PA systems redefine stadium sound, delivering crystal-clear audio across vast spaces. Scalable and adaptable, they suit diverse stadium layouts. Featuring zoning, directional sound, and robust emergency broadcasting, our systems ensure unmatched clarity and coverage. Globally acclaimed for immersive experiences and flawless performance, elevate fan engagement and streamline communication with our advanced PA solutions. Count on our comprehensive support for ongoing audio excellence.


Seating Solutions

We are honored to exclusively represent top-tier European stadium seat manufacturers within the Greek market. Collaborating closely with these industry leaders, we deliver specialized seating solutions meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of stadium professionals. Their unparalleled expertise in stadium infrastructure, combined with the unwavering quality and reliability of their products, ensures an exceptional blend of performance and enduring durability that exceeds expectations.


Projection Mapping

Futurebox leads in hi-end projection mapping, converting surfaces into dynamic virtual realms. While elevating the in-stadium fan experience, our innovative products offer lucrative advertising benefits. Through integrated targeted advertising within the projection mapping, stadium owners unlock fresh revenue streams. Our tailored solutions not only create unique atmospheres but also serve as profitable advertising platforms, generating added income for stadium owners while ensuring an unforgettable fan experience.

DVN-2.5mm @ 2 Superbook Display: 18 feet tall by 220 feet wide  Ad Wall Display: 15’ x 19.5’  A total of 2 LED displays create more than 4,250 square feet of digital space in the sportsbook area.

Digital Signage

Digital signs, when placed in a stadium or arena, can serve a range of uses, from delivering information to entertaining the audience. Regardless of how you use it, digital signs help improve the experience of your attendees, which ultimately leads to an effective event and an increase in your venue’s bottom line. Studies show that sports fans that are satisfied with their experience spend more during a game and show greater loyalty to the stadium.


Security systems

Futurebox provides advanced security solutions for stadiums, enhancing the protection and safety of sports facilities. By installing cutting-edge security systems, including CCTV and monitoring systems, Futurebox ensures comprehensive coverage and safeguarding throughout the stadium. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the company ensures not only the security of the facilities but also the smooth conduct of sporting activities, providing a secure and efficient environment for all stadium users.