Futurebox stands as the premier company in products and solutions for home automation, audiovisual systems, and security systems specifically tailored for private residences. Renowned for its top-tier installations, it implements advanced solutions integrating security technology and automation, achieving the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics for exceptional homes.

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Automation Systems

You can oversee the entire property, managing audiovisual systems, heating, shades, air-conditioning, lighting, and security through smart touch screens, remote controls, or your Smartphone. Utilizing cutting-edge automation technology, you can effortlessly set and fine-tune preferences in each room with a simple button press. The system offers limitless customizations tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience throughout your home.

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Multi Room Audio

You can manage individual room audio independently using a Multiroom audio system, ensuring no interference between spaces. Control and monitor it effortlessly through built-in touchscreens or your Smartphone. Explore a wide range of speakers from reputable brands, guaranteeing you’ll discover the perfect fit for your space. Whether it’s discreet ceiling speakers, stylish speakers, or hidden wall-integrated speakers, the options are diverse, allowing you to tailor your audio setup to your preferences.


Home Cinema

Create the ultimate entertainment hub in your living room with a home cinema system. Experience the convenience of high-definition video distribution accessible simultaneously to everyone in the family, even in different rooms throughout the house. Enjoy seamless and high-quality viewing experiences across multiple spaces, ensuring everyone gets to indulge in their preferred content at the same time.

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VIP Cinema Rooms

FutureBox specializes in designing, supplying, and installing high-end VIP  Cinema setups to exacting standards. We offer advanced Dolby Atmos multi-channel sound systems, 4Κ LED screens, hi-end DLP projectors, Home Cinema seats for ultimate comfort, and centralized management via smart devices. Our solutions exceed expectations, delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience.

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Security Systems

Safeguard your home with cutting-edge security solutions. Our High Definition CCTV Surveillance Cameras not only provide crystal-clear footage but are seamlessly integrated with advanced alarm systems for comprehensive protection. Effortlessly manage and monitor your security setup through a user-friendly touch screen or your Smartphone, ensuring peace of mind and prompt response to any potential threats. Your home’s safety is our top priority, combining technology and convenience for a robust security experience.