Corporate Solutions

Futurebox represents top-notch manufacturing facilities, offering a comprehensive range of audiovisual, conference, and security systems for corporate environments. From high-quality projectors and advanced sound systems to state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions and professional control systems, we provide seamless communication and immersive experiences. Additionally, our cutting-edge security systems ensure a safe and secure environment for businesses. With our industry-leading solutions, we deliver exceptional performance and reliable solutions for corporate clients.


Projection Systems

Versatile. Affordable. Reliable. Easy to use. And quiet. Our meeting room and workplace projectors deliver bright, vibrant colors to impress your customers and keep your employees engaged. Christie ultra short throw Captiva DWU500S is the perfect fit when space is tight. Inspire Series and GS Series are ideal for small to mid-sized environments, and for larger meeting spaces like conference rooms, training rooms, and lobbies, go for higher brightness with HS Series or the M 4K25 RGB.


Displays Systems

The display systems in meeting rooms vary based on needs. Factors like room size, budget, functionality, and requirements influence the choice. Consider display quality, usability, connectivity, and compatibility with AV equipment. Popular options include large displays, interactive whiteboards, video walls, and LED screens.


AV Confererecing Systems

Our company provides state-of-the-art technology conference meeting rooms. Equipped with the latest technology, from high-resolution displays to advanced sound systems, our technology ensures seamless communication and effective exchange of information. These rooms are the ideal space for conferences, seminars, and events, offering an enthusiastic and productive experience for participants.


Control Systems

Smart Meeting Room is an integrated solution that allows users to automatically control all electronic devices in the meeting room including curtains, lights, air conditioning, video conference equipment, projectors, screens projection, audio equipment… easily and quickly.


Dynamic Signage

Digital signage systems offer effective communication in corporate environments. With dynamic displays, companies can showcase important information, promotions, and announcements. These systems enhance engagement, provide real-time updates, and create a modern and professional atmosphere. With easy content management and scheduling, digital signage is an efficient solution for corporate communication needs.


Room Scheduling

In today’s hybrid workplace, people come and go on different schedules. To keep everyone working efficiently and productively, it’s essential to integrate room scheduling into your workplace design. A meeting room booking system is a centralized tool for booking meeting rooms and conference rooms. It streamlines the room booking process and helps employees avoid the frustration that comes when more than one group needs a room at the same time. 

Wireless Presentation Systems

With wireless conferencing technology you can transform any space into a high quality conferencing space. Whether you’re in a huddle room, lounge, or mixed use room, it’s easy to present, share, and host a meeting from any device. No cables. One interface in every room, on every device. Wirelessly present, share content, and conference from any device. Just a single USB-C® connection and one button-press to launch your meeting. No drivers to download, which simplifies guest participation. No applications to run. No wasted time.