Hospitality Solutions

FutureBox offers specialized solutions for the hospitality industry, encompassing advanced reservation management systems and tailored software solutions for hotel facility management. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, we also provide specialized Hotel TV solutions, enhancing the guest experience. Additionally, we offer specialized services in telephone centers, security systems, CCTV, sound distribution, lighting control systems, public address systems, Wi-Fi solutions and conference systems.


Hotel TV

At FutureBox, our Hotel TV solutions redefine hospitality entertainment. Our tailored systems offer seamless integration, interactive features, and personalized content, enhancing guest experiences. From curated entertainment options to essential hotel information, our user-friendly interfaces elevate guest satisfaction. Partner with us for an intuitive, customizable platform that sets new standards in hospitality.


Digital Signage

FutureBox specializes in comprehensive digital signage solutions for hotels. Leveraging advanced display systems, interactive screens, and industry-tailored software, we deliver an integrated digital experience. Our range includes solutions for digital signage, guest information, and room management, enabling hotels to offer sophisticated and personalized experiences to their guests.


Sound Systems

FutureBox pioneers advanced audio for hotels. Our integrated sound systems ensure seamless distribution, delivering vibrant atmospheres across your space. From public address solutions for effective communication to custom in-room setups, we cater to diverse needs. Enhance shared areas with tailored soundscapes, setting the tone in pool, bar, gym, lounges and dining spaces. Our user-friendly interface simplifies control, backed by dedicated support. 


Wi-Fi & Internet

FutureBox excels in bespoke Wi-Fi and internet solutions for hospitality. Our high-speed Wi-Fi systems ensure seamless connectivity, tailored specifically for hotels. Specializing in secure networks, we guarantee reliable internet access. With cutting-edge technology and dedicated support, FutureBox elevates guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Redefine connectivity standards in the hospitality industry with our innovative Wi-Fi solutions.


Lighting Control Systems

FutureBox recognizes the significance of a comprehensive evaluation of a hotel’s lighting control system, considering the diverse requirements across different areas such as reception, conference centers, hallways, guest rooms, and dining spaces. Each area demands specific volume and highlight settings, contributing to enhanced visibility, color alterations, and accentuation of focal points. Implementing Crestron’s multi-zone control system, FutureBox empowers users to selectively manage distinct zones, providing tailored control and optimization for an elevated lighting experience throughout your hotel.


Telephone Centers

FutureBox delivers tailored telephone center solutions for hospitality. Our cutting-edge systems ensure seamless communication across hotels. Offering feature-rich phone systems, voicemail integration, and call management, we optimize guest interactions. FutureBox emphasizes user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, empowering hotels to streamline operations while enhancing guest communication experiences.


Guest Room Solutions

FutureBox revolutionizes guest rooms with advanced audiovisual features such as touch panels for comprehensive control over Wi-Fi, lighting, shades, media, and climate. With Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D.) technology, guests effortlessly stream content from their personal devices to Smart TVs or the room’s audio system. Catering to the rising demand for personalised room technology, FutureBox collaborates as your partner to craft this tailored experience for your guests.


Meeting Rooms

At FutureBox, we specialize in advanced solutions to enhance the packaging of conference rooms in hotels. From smart presentation packages to technologically equipped accessories, our range allows for the creation of tailored experiences. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and collaborative tools, we empower hotels to provide a communicatively rich environment that impresses and satisfies their clientele.


CCTV & Security

FutureBox serves as your dedicated security partner, offering comprehensive design, supply, and integration of security components for your hotel facility. Assessing your unique needs, facility specifications, and budget, we devise tailored solutions encompassing CCTV, access control, and other necessary tools. Our expertise ensures the seamless supply, installation, and integration of these systems, prioritizing your hotel’s security.