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Matrix StIM™ LED DLP® simulation projector

Product Title: Matrix StIM™ LED DLP® simulation projector
Sub Category: Simulation Projectors
Manufacturer: CHRISTIE
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Link: CHRISTIE Official Website
Product Description:

The Christie Matrix StIM™ LED illuminated simulation projector is a revolutionary new solution for the simulation industry. It's the first to provide independent control over both the visible and infrared spectrum. It's the first intelligent projection system to enable real-time balancing of both colour and brightness levels. And it's the first simulation system designed with solid state illumination – there are no consumables for a virtually maintenance-free system.

The Christie Matrix StIM is a scalable environment display system that provides the unique capabilities of achieving eyelimiting resolution while stimulating Night Vision Goggles. Designed and engineered with Christie expertise, this system features extraordinarily long life, quality and ease of service. Plus, it's virtually maintenance free.

Built on an inherently stable long-life platform that doesn't fade over time, Christie offers a unique lamp-less illumination system for unprecedented stability and reliability. With no consumables, theChristie Matrix StIM provides years of continuous operation. Low power consumption directly translates to lower operating heat, less cooling requirements and cost savings in electricity for a significant reduction in sustainment costs