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4K40-RGB Pure Laser

Product Title: 4K40-RGB Pure Laser
Sub Category: 4K40-RGB Pure Laser
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Product Description:

Take large-s​​cale projection to new heights with the Christie® D4K40-RGB. This all-in-one, 45,000 lumen RGB pure laser projector raises the bar for design, image quality, built-in processing, and connectivity.

All-in-one design

What sets the Christie D4K40-RGB apart from the competition?

Thanks to our engineering expertise, we are able to produce the smallest and lightest, high-brightness, all-in-one RGB laser projector on the market. There are no heavy external chillers, remote laser racks, or special pedestals – everything is completely integrated into a single chassis. 

Spectacular visuals

The D4K40-RGB provides an exceptionally wide color gamut and when combined with TruLife™ electronics and 4K resolution, allows the D4K40-RGB to produce an astounding depth of detail. Add high frame rates​ (HFR) up to 120fps, 5000:1 On/Off contrast ratio, omnidirectional capabilities and the D4K40-RGB sets the new standard for large-scale pure laser projection.   

Designed for the professional 

Like all Christie projectors, the Christie D4K40-RGB is designed with the AV professional in mind. Featuring 12G-SDI, DisplayPort, Christie Terra SDVoE input card, Christie Link and more, connecting a variety of sources is easy. The D4K40-RGB is also compatible with most Christie 4K lenses for added convenience and cost savings. Power runs are also less costly thanks to single-phase, 220V operation.