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Dolby IMB and Screen Server DSS220

Product Title: Dolby IMB and Screen Server DSS220
Sub Category: Intergrated Media block
Manufacturer: DOLBY
Link: DOLBY Official Website
Product Description:

The Dolby® Integrated Media Block (IMB) provides exhibitors a platform for the future. This DCI-compliant system offers fully built-in support for high-frame-rate, 2K, and 4K playback all at a single price, combining compatibility, lasting value, and cost effectiveness.

Smaller and lighter than the Dolby Screen Server DSS200, the DSS220 takes only 2U of vertical rack space, easing space constraints and simplifying installation. Rather than combining the server and media block functionality in one chassis as in the DSS200, the IMB is installed directly in the cinema projector.

Dolby Integrated Media Block

High-Frame-Rate 3D Playback—Build out your auditoriums with confidence knowing the Dolby IMB supports high-frame-rate 3D formats (48 and 60 fps).

Gigabit Ethernet Interface—Consolidate your servers into a central location to simplify service and day-to-day operations. With Ethernet, the IMB and server can either remain in the pedestal or be separated by 250 ft or more with standard network switches.

2K and 4K—Don’t worry about resolution. The Dolby solution gives you 2K and 4K support right out of the box, with no upcharges. Everything you need is provided in a single product.

Dolby Screen Server DSS220 Features

Compact Design—With a vertical height of 2U (3.5 in.) and a depth of 17.7 inches (50 cm), the DSS220 chassis weighs only about 31.5 lb (14