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Digital Cinema


Explore the many opportunities that Digital Cinema has to offer…

…Whether you’re looking for the best image quality available for feature films and 3D, alternative entertainment options such as live NFL football on the big screen, or a digital projector for post production - digital cinema opens up exciting opportunities for exhibition.

Now more than ever, studios and leading exhibitors from around the world are benefitting from the many business opportunities that digital cinema has to offer. And audiences are enjoying the best possible cinematic experience with amazing image quality and 3D movies made possible by digital cinema.

What is Digital Cinema?

Replacing your 35 mm film projector with a new digital cinema projector is an upgrade for your theatre similar to replacing your cassette tapes with MP3s or CDs for your music collection.

  • Scratches, fading and jitter of film from repeat showings are a thing of the past, with the consistent picture brightness, razor sharp image quality, and vibrant colors of digital cinema projection.
  • Every presentation looks as if it is being presented for the first time on screen. The digital copy at the 1000th viewing is as good as the movie’s premiere with perfect reproduction of film, time and time again
  • And with the programming flexibility and advanced presentation options that digital cinema will allow, digital cinema can significantly expand a theatres potential revenue streams.
  • From spectacular 3D presentations to live sports broadcasts, leading exhibitors are capitalizing on the many benefits of digital cinema.

To help bring world-class entertainment to audiences everywhere, Christie supports exhibitors by offering the widest range of cost-effective digital solutions at the lowest cost of operation.

We pay special attention to the needs of the exhibition community; provide solutions that generate positive long-term revenue, and help you deliver the best cinematic experience possible.

Why Digital Cinema?

Digital cinema is already taking movies and the theater experience to new and exciting levels, both with the incredible images the digital cinema projectors can deliver and the creativity that the new tools allow.  Digital cinema is no longer an option; it is a strategic imperative for your business.

Digital cinema enables:

  1. The best picture quality available
  2. A wider selection of alternative programming choices including gaming, sporting events, live events, music concerts and the ability to play all of these in 3D
  3. The increasingly important ability to display spectacular 3D productions
  4. New ways for exhibition to share, present, communicate, socialize, and build social engagement in the community
  5. The transformation of cinema into the ultimate destination for out-of-home entertainment.
3D Digital Cinema
DLP Cinema® technology is the only cinema display technology that can project 3D images at a very fast frame rate and does so with greater pixel resolution than any other solution on the market today.
Digital cinema technology has caused a definite resurgence in the popularity of 3D digital cinema. The latest incarnation of 3D digital cinema technology represents a significant advancement over past systems.
In order to project in 3D, in such a way that viewers do not suffer from any discomfort, the digital cinema projector “flashes” each frame for each eye, three times as fast as with conventional projection. 
This tripling of the frame rate (from 48fps to 144fps) smoothes the projection, and gives the best motion rendition possible.
Now, with the extremely high switching speed and light output capability of Christie DLP Cinema® projectors, audiences are transported directly into the story with a totally immersive experience. And without the headaches of traditional 3D.