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Christie Spyder X20

Product Title: Christie Spyder X20
Sub Category: 3D Image Processors
Manufacturer: CHRISTIE
PDF Brochure: Download
Link: CHRISTIE Official Website
Product Description:

The Christie Spyder X20 is a versatile hardware-based video processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher that enables large megapixel displays with increased frame rate capabilities for new levels of visualization functionality.

What separates the X20 from everyone else is its total capability package at a high frame rate.  The X20 supports up to 20 mpx bandwidth at a native 120 Hz frame rate with source inputs/outputs up to WQXGA (2560x1600) resolution combined with the capability to rotate the image for portrait mode displays.

Users can take any 2D or 3D source format and blend, window, mix, scale and then route the signal to any destination – quickly and easily. The X20 allows for ultra high-resolution digital inputs and outputs, along with extra flexible display support and an amazing source-overlapping capability.


The Spyder X20 contains features of the current Spyder and the URS. The key enhancements that the X20 has over the current Spyder and URS include:

  • The X20 has a up to 20 mega pixel bandwidth within the unit; the Spyder has just over
  • 6 mega pixels in a single frame group
  • True preview capabilities with live preview, on-the-fly editing and offline preview capabilities
  • Any output can be rotated to display horizontal images
  • Window labeling without using up a layer
  • Advanced ‘auto-sync’ functionality
  • Fast still store functionality
  • Up to 2650 x 1600 on inputs and outputs
  • Discreet parallel expansion capabilities
  • Lower price point when compared to some Spyder solutions
  • Multiple destinations (URS is single destination)