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Spyder Video Processor

Product Title: Spyder Video Processor
Sub Category: 3D Image Processors
Manufacturer: CHRISTIE
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Link: CHRISTIE Official Website
Product Description:

The growing field of scientific and industrial visualization has found a powerful, versatile, reliable tool in the Spyder Video Processor. Because it allows for ultra high-resolution digital inputs and outputs, along with extra flexible display support and an amazing source-overlapping capability, Spyder gives you perspectives that are unmatched in fullness and detail. Read more about visualization video processors in action

Immerse yourself in 3D / Advanced Visualization

You simply cannot create more vivid, more comprehensive imagery than Spyder visualization. That’s because Spyder meticulously integrates and configures complex hardware and software while allowing for the interplay of ever-changing human factors. Spyder can actually project you into a 3D space, creating a real-world environment you can view from all angles. The result is an immersive visual environment that changes the way people approach their workflow processes—and the way they think.

Immersing yourself in Spyder’s display format creates the sensation of becoming one with the application. This is more than a marvelous effect—it allows you to make sound decisions based on detailed, accurate visualizations. Spyder’s 3D capabilities can be utilized with flat or curved screens that completely fill your peripheral vision. This 3D/VR application can display real-world objects that cannot normally be seen, such as molecule shapes, air and liquid dynamics, and weather patterns