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Doremi Theater Management System

Product Title: Doremi Theater Management System
Sub Category: Theatre Management
Manufacturer: DOREMI
PDF Brochure: Download
Link: DOREMI Official Website
Product Description:

The Doremi TMS (Theatre Management System) provides a comprehensive and intuitive user interface designed for non IT users, so the booth operator will be able to take charge of the TMS operation with a few hours of training. In addition to the TMS operation, the solution provides a centralized high performance library to serve any multiplex configuration from 1 to 32 screens.

Based on 4x1Gb, or an optional dual 2x10Gb CX4 Ethernet and Hardware RAID5 storage, the LMS (Library Management System) can simultaneously ingest several screens without suffering from overload.

The base 6TB net capacity can later be easily expanded, using extension modules, to cover all kinds of multiplex requirements.

With an open gateway for the ticketing / POS, and connection to electronic delivery of medias through industry partners, the Doremi LMS ensures the highest level of integration currently available on the market to migrate a fully digital infrastructure.